How would you want a guy to let you know he likes you?

Such as in school, a guy sees you, and is interested in you, how would you want the guy to let you know. You can't really strike up too much of a conversation in class, and when class is over, she leaves quickly without the chance to get her attention.


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  • This is so easy...Sit next to her one day, and after the class ask her if she wants to study some time.

    • So next week I will be meeting the president of a medical school, and I will miss one day of class. So you don't think it would be weird if a guy came up and sat right by you to ask for your notes the he missed(and to really have a reason to strike up a conversation with you)?

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    • Or, depending upon what time you copy her notes, you could get coffee during/after the notes copying..and during that time ask her if she's going to some event on campus and if so if she'd like to go with you.

    • There is a coffee shop in the student center next to where our class is, that's why I said coffee, but an event on campus is a good idea too.

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