Should his family really be the decision makers?

Long story short; My ex and i broke up 2 months ago over something very small at the wrong time, but we want to get back together and work things out. But, his family doesn't like me at all and thats the main reason thats keeping my ex from working things out with me. Is there any way to try and get his parents approval again or should we just keep giving it time? They're very judgmental people and they hold grudges for awhile; its hard to earn their trust.



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  • It's none of their business. They can hate you all they want, they have no right to try to control his decisions.

    • I agree. But unfortunately that's not the case. he's a middle child, so his whole life he's always been trying to get his parents approval of everything since he's always compared to his siblings.

    • Then you should talk to him and tell him to make his own decisions like an adult. Maybe when he proves that he can exist on his own they'll respect him.

    • That would be great if he did; he just cares too much about what they think.

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  • I don't think they should be decision makers at all but they do have a big impact on his decisions. If he truly wants to be with you he'll figure out a way to do so.. Sadly there isn't much you can do on your part if it's just because of his parents being judgmental and stubborn.
    I wish you the best of luck with that


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  • Do you think people change their view that easy?
    Not at all girl and it's the truth and truth hurts.
    Try to talk to your ex first , tell him about all this.
    He is your last hope otherwise It's better to Start new than Repair a Damaged one !
    Be Smart , Choose Wisely !
    Good Luck 😊

  • First try to talk with ur Lover don't say as ex. He Wil realy felt bad hurts

  • Do you know what happened for them to not like you in the first place?

    • We moved in together rather quickly and so they never really liked me from the start. The judged me off of that decision, even though their son made the same choice.

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    • Thats what im wanting to do; but he's making it seem like his familys approval will be the ultimate factor here...

    • Well there is really nothing you can do about that. Tell him either try it and see if they come around to the idea eventually, or just forget it. You can't make his family approve of it, they have to decide that themselves.

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