How long does it take a guy to get over a girl?

Like, if the guy and girl liked each other, but never went out, then she lost feelings?


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  • I have been broke up with my ex for about 3 months because i messaged a girl, and I've never regretted something more and my life, that girl is an angel and means the world to me, she won't speak to me anymore and I still have the strongest feelings for her in the world, but I truly truly love her

  • it depends on lots of things.. like what kind of a guy he is and what kind of feelings he had for her.. also he could get over her faster if he found someone else and formed a stronger bond with them... honestly its a hard question

  • No idea.. why be had a ltr I got over easy and a woman I dated a couple of times hit me hard.. it's strange never can tell how people get to you until you miss them or let them go.


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