Which sex is more likely to keep looking for love after being hurt time after time, women, or men?

I'm 34 and i gave up on love, i figure after looking for 18 years for love and, a wife i wasted to much time. Both women, and men have been hurt. I wonder do women keep looking more then men, or do men keep looking more then women?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Both. People aren't meant to never alone

    • I must be different then most people. I feel likecim getting to old to keep looking. something keeps telling me to put my energy in to helping others in my life now. Dose that sound strange?

What Guys Said 1

  • Can't really say.
    What I can say however is that the amout of girls that get up their own ass when I mention that I have given up on dating completely is ludicrous.

    • Yea same here. women seem to get pi$$ed at me when i say im done with love.

    • Not realizing that they're reaffirming said view through that. I'm just done.

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