Does it make a difference?

So I'm trying to get the man of my dreams back (don't judge me, the topic isn't about that XD). And I will be trying to approach him via facebook in a couple weeks. It's my only way to reach him as I lost my phone with all contact numbers at the airport. I had deactivated my facebook a while back to focus solely on myself.
However, the last time we talked over messenger we had a fight. If he gets a new message from me it'll be directly under this mass of negativity.
I've been thinking about making a new facebook account anyway, instead of reactivating the old one... would it make any difference if I'd approach him from a new account? I know he could still read back, but hopefully he won't :'D
Sorry, i'm probably just overthinking everything again


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  • if what you seek is getting him back then this is a terrible Idea... why dont you just try checking on him... befriending him for a while... why don't you try to see the reason he left you and work on it.. then get to be friends with him and show him that you still the same girl he once fell for.. that have a better chance of making things happen than fake accounts

    • I am right now. That's why I want to get in touch with him at some point. I've been working a lot on myself and would like to slowly earn his trust& respect back. It wouldn't be a fake account, it would be a new one, I would be deleting my old one.

    • Yeah I just mean don't hide ur Identity... let him know its you and you are wanting to be just friends

  • Just message him from your old one. He'd have to accept your new account and it might add an extra step to your plan. People don't always get messages from people unless they're friends.

    • We aren't friends on facebook anymore. He was the last to approach me (complimented a picture). I deleted him back then to keep myself from checking his profile. Shortly after that I took a complete spcial media break and deactivated my account (I could reactivate it)

  • No, it wouldn't.


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