What does it mean when a guy wants to take a break to figure things out because he has attachment issues?

I have been "talking" to this guy for almost 4 months now and things progressed from being really close friends to friends with benefits to exclusively talking (just to each other). We had a talk about it which ended with "we are basically dating". He has been physically distant for some time now. Right before going away for 3 days he texted me from the airport saying that he is scared of being tied down and that I was getting too serious about things. He said he is scared of being with anyone and is not sure if thats what he wants. He said he doesn't want to lose me as a friend and thinks we should chill for a bit and be just friends. Does this mean we are done for good? Or is there a chance that things might actually work out?


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  • I would just keep him as a friend, unless you're really stuck on him. For every guy who has to "figure out" if they want to be with you or not there's another who would kill to date you. Life's too short to be put on the back burner.

    • He knows that I like him and when I asked if he was over me he said "It's not that I'm over you don't know what I want and don't feel like I am in the position right now to make a decision" what does that mean?

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    • We haven't had sex in like 5 weeks

    • Wow, that's pretty weird. Probably just wants to be a friend then.

  • absolutely Done..

    • He said he wants to go back to being friends not so that he can be with other people but so that he can try and figure some shit out? Does that mean anything?

    • coz he texted you.. if he wants you... he would tell you that face to face... not in a text message

    • All of this was over text though

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  • Just be cool or you may scare him off

    • Should I be moving on? He said he was not planning on hooking up with anyone but I don't know if he is lying

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    • Just be friends

    • Like nothing romantic just like two friends hanging out

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