Why did he break up with me?

the way it went down was weird! it was the second that we were dating and I thought everything was fine..I had left his house after hanging out with him..we talked like just casual..and very laid back...then I got a text from him 4hrs after I left his house..he was telling me and I quote "it pains me so much to do this...my mom saw the hickeys and she's p*ssed off..she wants me to end it with you.." and so that's how it ended...then he goes flirting with another girl telling her o I never loved my ex this and that...and he still tried to stay in contact with me...the only reason I could come up with is that he really wanted some and I wasn't going to give him some anytime soon..i made it clear...we only lasted a couple days and it was the same amount of days as last time that we were dating


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  • He gave you a line of b.s. He wanted to have some "FUN" with you... he got it... and then he knew he had to end it since he had no serious interest in you. Blamed his MOM for seeing his hickeys? He could have hidden them... That's baloney... But it's the best "lame" excuse he could come up with. Count your blessings that this jerk is out of your life... AND...

    MORE IMPORTANTLY... DO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL ACTIVITY WITH A GUY you haven't known long enough to trust... Sex is not love. It's SEX with a horny guy. Please respect yourself and your body ~ Do NOT give it away to any guy who comes along. You will take the chance of getting a nasty STD or even worse... a horrible reputation for being easy. THAT is NOT what you want! Until you know that boy respects you - is honest - trustworthy - kind to you - introduces you to his friends - his family - takes you places- spends quality time with you - pays attention to you - calls you all the time --- DO NOT give him any sex. If you do... without having all those things.. you are setting yourself up to be USED... and then you will be asking again.. "What happened? I thought we were dating".. Guess what? YOU WEREN"T. You ASSUMED.. Be smart ~ protect yourself, Sweetie. If you don't respect YOU - nobody else will either! Hugz.


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