Should we just break up?

My boyfriend keeps questioning why I even like him, saying that no woman would ever like a guy that is in his shoes since he is in a weird place in life. And he keeps telling me that I will never be happy with him, that I could have any guy, so why choose him.
After a big fight a few weeks ago, I realized that he was being a jerk and was picking fights all the time, so I told him we needed to break up. He begged me to let him try and fix our relationship, to give him a second chance. So I did, and he is being nicer, but now he is pushing me away by constantly questioning why I like him. He even is questioning my judgement on my education which is getting very annoying. He is now saying that it doesn't even feel like we're really dating.
I honestly just don't think I can deal with this for much longer... Should I just end it?


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  • Yes you should the break up might set him straight and he might finally be free from his over thinking, anxiety, depression or whatever negativity that affects him. He believes he's a shit man but clearly he isn't since he has you. But I think only a break up will make him realize this.


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  • Depends on your personal limits. What do you find acceptable in a partner? if its below that then yes, if not, then keep trying.

  • First of all, kudos to you for not bailing on a guy that's in a hard spot. Difficult situation though. Sounds like he has severe self esteem issues. Professional help would be good, provided you can get a therapist that gets on well with him. If he's being disrespectful, then I'd consider moving on.


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