Why would an ex unblock you?

My ex unblocked me on instagram and I followed him but he didn't follow me back? Why would he do that? We broke up months ago and I've been begging him back he told me he loves me but it's a diff kind of love. Why would he unblock me on there?


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  • I've blocked my ex in the whole confusion surrounding break up, but then I've figured that it was childish and I've unblocked her. I don't want to have any contact with her particularly, I just don't want to be someone who has to block people whenever I break up. Although I'm on your end since she broke up with me. I've kinda begged her to get back as well but now I know that it wouldn't help since I'm pretty sure that we wouldn't really gain anything we didn't already have and that clearly wasn't enough.

  • maybe he doesn't care all that much anymore to be trying to avoid contact? There's no point in blocking people for good when 1) you don't really expect them to write you 2) you don't really care if they will

  • He might be having regrets...

    • Yes but he unblocked and then didn't follow me back! And I can see him on there actively at the moment so I know he knows I followed him

    • Like I said, he might be having regrets...

    • Like he wants me back?

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