WWYD if your ex shows up at your workplace?

You're a waiter and your ex (of 1.5 years) comes to your restaurant. She's thinner and prettier and happier. Do you talk to her? What do you say?

would you get back with her?


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  • Acknowledge she's there but ultimately treat her like any other patron in the restaurant. Don't get back together and keep any conversation small. Tell her you are working if she tries to ignite some spark. There's a reason she's your ex.


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  • Id probably talk to her but no I wouldn't get back with her. We broke up because she confessed that she can't see herself loving or marrying a girl plus Im seeing someone. The other one, maybe because she can just join the relationship.


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  • drop their order on her dress
    1. their date is ruined
    2. they can't have that food
    3. she'd have to leave making you feel better
    4. you enjoy the moment
    5. people around start laughing
    6. it can be seen as an accident
    7. if he tries to talk to you his

    • *whoever he's with would know
      8. you might loose the job but it ain't getting any better right?

  • depends on the ex. some, I'm still civil or even friends with. some, I may see if the cook could fit her in the grill

  • move on with your life, they (or you) left for a reason so stick to it.


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