How do I overcome betrayal by someone I thought I trusted?

last Thursday my girlfriend of 5 months up and left and moved 10 hours away to stay with an ex ( they have been having an on and off again for years, I just found this out talking to her cousins ). The thing is she was at her all time low she lost her job, was dead broke, 2 car payments behind, didn't have money for groceries, was close to being evicted. That's how low she had hit, well I stepped in to provide not just for her but her 2 daughters who are under 10.

Well she had had just received an job offer making $17 an hour, got accepted and applied to go back to school. It was all looking up then boom her ( on and off again ex who just fucks her ) tell her to come stay with him. I didn't know where she went til her cousin open up and told me everything. How this guy begged her to come stay? How she cheated on her husband with this guy? How this guy isn't shit?

So after I stuck by her side through the low time she betrayed me. I messaged her once to see what was going she ignored me. Now her cousin was mad because she didn't tell no one she was leaving. SHE EVEN LEFT HER TWO DAUGHTERS IN THE STATE, ( not mine ) which her cousin was so mad about. all for this guy who just constenitly use her for sex, pays For to her come and visit him, etc.
like I'm not mad at the break up I'm mad at the betrayal how you leave someone in the dark when they was there when had nothing. I'm getting better just still upset


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  • Walk away. Don't let them do it a second time

    • I doubt she'll move back so it's all good

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