What do you think of my past relationship?

I'm a 16yr guy and my question is do you think my ex was in right or wrong or just normal? Any thoughts at all would be nice. My ex was a good girl and I'm talking purity ring not even wanting to kiss after months. To be fair I was her first boyfriend. She started giving me attitude after the first 2 weeks of dating. At first I was concerned but then realized this must just be her true self opening up to me so I just "tried" to ignore. From what I could see she was mostly giving me the attitude. She was close to her best friend and I kinda grew jealous because I felt like she treated her better than me. I could never bring that up because she would think it to be nothing and brush it off. I felt like I had to be kinda reserved around her on the account of her being so "innocent" I guess you could say. I wasn't perfect though. A week before we ended I was going through some hard stuff and didn't talk to her for a day. I just told her I didn't wanna talk but I would if she really needed me to. I never got a text back until the next day when I texted first. She thought she had done something wrong which I told her she didn't. I told her that I was going through stuff and I get like this every now and then. She did try to ask me what's wrong and I brushed it off but that's because I was hurting. She almost like turned things on me a little because I didn't talk to her the first day about the stuff that I was going through. I guess I kinda deserved that but I felt alone like nobody cares... Anyway she starts up with she doesn't know how the relationship is doing anymore. She didn't talk to me much days after. I told her I needed to call her but she said she wanted to do it when she got home. Well the day before she gets home she hits me with "I think we'd be better off as friends". So we breakup and say were gonna stay friends and talk. 2 days later we text and she puts 0 effort. She says she doesn't care it's up to if we text. It's up to you I say and no texts since.


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What Girls Said 1

  • It doesn't sound like she was ever particularly interested in you. It's not fair, but it's not wrong and honestly, it happens. I wouldn't put in any effort if I were you.

    • I felt like that through the entire relationship which i don't think is healthy for me or the relationship. The firsr week we started talking and the week we started dating were the best 2 weeks because I could tell she really was interested. Then it just dropped fast the longer the relationship went. I kinda feel like she just wanted a boyfriend and I was there at the right time. Kinda like when you're a little kid and you get a toy. You're very happy for a short time then you get bored and lose interest in it. She might have not been right for me but that doesn't mean I didn't love her... Which makes it hard.

    • That's very common with relationships when you're as young as you are. It's still relatively common at my age.

    • Yeah I guess you never truly know what's gonna happen entering a relationship.

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  • Relationships are a fickle thing my dude. That sorta thing happens. Both could've handled it better but it sounds like you two were going downhill anyway, which is normal. Don't try to pin the blame on yourself or her, that's the best advice I've got.

    • Yeah I agree. It's hard not to feel self pitty or a little anger at time though. I think one reason she got with me was because I was confident and made her laugh. I think I might've lost my confidence because I was dealing with some deep stuff. I also think I stopped making her laugh as much because I felt like I had to tip toe or I would overstep my boundaries... That might be one of the reasons we didn't work.

  • I think it sounds like you both were in the wrong. But that's fine; you're both in highschool and still learning.

    • Thanks for your opinion I kinda agree.

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