How to get her back?

My girlfriend recently broke up with me 8 days ago, she says she's completely over me, and she's been hanging out with some new guy everyday. He wants to date her, she's not getting into a relationship right now, but I think she's changing her mind. The problem is She won't talk to me at all, she ignores my messages, won't answer her phone. She's giving me one chance to see her tomorrow, I need to know what should I do? How should I act? we were together for 2 years, I love her, I really want her back. Can anyone please help me?


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  • Not to be harsh, but I think that sometimes when our sig. other breaks up with us it's "out of the blue" for us, but something that has been on their mind for a while. So I'm not trying to justify her actions of hanging out with another guy so quickly, but in her mind the relationship may have been over for a while (again, that's NOT okay, but might be why she's acting the way she is). If she doesn't want to talk then you need to respect her decision and let it be. Besides, especially after such a long relationship, as long as you've been respectful to her through out she should do the same for you. It's really really difficult-I'm not trying to make it seem like a piece of cake- but if you were a good partner in your relationship then you shouldn't be treated like this and you should be focusing on finding a partner who treats you better. When you see her tomorrow you can tell her exactly how the break up has made you feel, and you can certainly express you're disappointment in it ending. And then the ball is in her court and you need to start focusing on you first. She will come back or not regardless if you obsess over it. I'm sorry but it's out of your hands! Hang in there!


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  • Over you in eight days? Yikes. But with you two being together for two years, that's kind of hard to believe. You need to elaborate why she's allowing your presence to be around her. Cause that's what she's making it seem like. Did she just give into all of your texts and calls?

    First things first, you shouldn't have tried contacting her in anyway after a break up. To be honest, I wouldn't want to hear from my ex boyfriend that soon either. She was doing that for herself. Not to torture you.

    Act casual. Be yourself. Don't jump into any conversations about you and her. If she wants to talk about that, she'll be the one to say something about it first.

    That's all I can really say. The details were really vague. But good luck!


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  • Move on... NOW! She is already hanging with the other guy that she possibly dumped you for. Girls do this all the time and they call it "confusion". Don't see her, start dating other girls. When she broke up with you it wasn't suddenly, she was thinking of leaving you for quite some time. She will tell you the "lets be friends" crap and you should decline at all costs. Seeing here or even talking to her will take you back to square one and it will boost her ego. She has already moved on and so should you. Save whatever dignity and self respect you have left and never talk to her again.

  • Your a Man.

    Move ON. You know what? She didn't talk to you about her problems, and then dropped it on you. That makes her an immature bitch. Fact.

    Now step up to the plate, realize she made your life great but having her was not a requirement for being great. Having a girlfriend makes us feel great cause we suddenly have more respect for ourselves. "I scored that chick? I'm awesome"

    Now know your still awesome, and stand without her. Be her friend if you want, but make sure she knows she missed out on every awesome moment you could have given her had she just talked to you about her problems. Do not go back to her.


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