Why are some people so damn heartless?

My now ex didn't break up with me, she moved 4 states over to live with a guy she's always hooked up with in the past ( an ex from many years ago ). Sad thing is I came home to see the dressers empty, stuff missing, she up and left. Her kids ( not mine ) she left to stay with grandparents.

I reached out out the day i came home to see everything gone, she ignored me completely.

But it let me show how heart less she is: she lost her job 2 months ago she used her last check on rent, and internet bill. So for 2 months you know who stepped in and provided gas, food, help cover rent so she didn't get evicted. Me. She didn't have a dime but I stepped up and did what I could for her and her kids.

She had had just accepted a job offer making $18 an hour, just got back into school. Then she dips.

what makes it worst she blocked me on everything. I didn't do anything to deserve this. How can someone be so low, to someone who stepped up the most when you needed it? I could of walked away and her family would of been in the streets, but look what it got me. BETRAYED AND IGNORED


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  • Ugh thats disgusting, i don't even know what to say. She's filth. Just don't let this make you think that everyone is like this, some people are just selfish and evil.

    • I don't think everyone like this, I just never thought anybody would stoop this low, when you held them down when they had nothing, and I mean nothing

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