I don't feel secure with myself anymore?

I used to be the securest guy in the world. I was utterly into myself and just said screw it to people who didn't care about me or questioned what I did. I just did what made me happy and what I wanted and I'm telling you, I was the happiest person alive...until I met a girl, and let's just say that my heart was torn apart, mostly because I was purely being myself and, well, I guess she thought I wasn't worth keeping in touch with, at the very least. I liked her a lot, but I guess the feelings weren't mutual and she felt she didn't value me enough to at least maintain some friendship or stay in touch with me. She just doesn't care.

And this is the worst thing to have happened to me because now I'm questioning myself more than ever. I'm thinking that because she rejected me so completely and wholly when I was purely being myself, maybe I'm just not, I dunno, "a proper person". That I'm boring and could be more fun and that I should be doing things that other people are doing. I keep questioning myself, wondering about how others think of me. I feel so insecure. I don't know what to do to rebuild myself because whenever I start doing something I like, I think about her and how awful I feel from the whole experience.


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  • The only thing that can really heal heartbreak is time. Keep yourself busy and eventually you will start to feel normal again. One day you will meet someone better and wonder what you ever saw in this person.

  • Wow. I am feeling exactly the same way after being dumped by the boy who took my virginity. He took everything I had to offer, and it still wasn't good enough. It's really hard to get over a breakup. I think you just have to do the best you can to move on with your life. Continue your hobbies, smile at strangers, and keep in touch with friends. You don't have to change yourself completely, and I don't think that's even possible. Take it one day at a time, and eventually you will wake up one day and realize you don't care about her anymore because she's out of the life you built for yourself.


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