Does she want me back?

My ex and I broke up because I cheated on her.
We were together a little over a yearwe broke up the end of April of this year. She removed her relationship status on Facebook the end of April I didn't take mine down til the end of May. I've been begging her back almost every single day. I've only gotten as far as her saying she loves me but it's a different kind of love. I found out she was talking to some new guy. She told me it wasn't planned that they met. She said he was at the right place at the right time. I asked her if she loves him and she said "not yet". She did say her friends and family all think he's a good guy. On the July4 she went to the beach with her friends. I asked her is he gonna be there she said "idk who's gonna be there". I asked her to go away with me she didn't want to. She still talks to me as a friend. She blocked me on instagram around the time she went to the beach. I thought it was because she didn't want me to see her post with her new guy. Well a few days ago she unblocked me. I didn't notice until last night. There were no pics of any guys at all so why did she block me in the first place? I followed her but she didn't follow me back. I know she knows I followed her because she followed 2other people AFTER I followed her... Does her unblocking me mean she wants me back? I seen her talking with a guy whom I suspect she's talking to.
She posted a pic and he commented:
Guy: Where did your tan go?
Her: what tan? lol I never got Tan?
Guy: your profile pic... what kind of trick is this
Her: I got a Glo tan that doesn't damage my skin ☺️
Guy: I was happy now just confused
Her: happy?
Guy: happy you got some sun I was beginning to think you were a vampire😜
Her: ahaha someone else I know calls me a vampire
Guy: ur a vampire+babe 😜
Her: ahaha that's so funny
I think this is the guy she's talking to but I'm not sure.
Either way do I have a chance? Why would she unblock me only to not follow me back?


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  • She doesn't want you back. She might want to stay in contact with you as friends (not best friends), but nothing more than that. She's been moving on and dating new guys instead of going back to you, which is your biggest sign. Why she would unblock you and not follow you back? Because she doesn't want you to get the wrong idea.

  • You're pretty much fucked dude. It's clear that she's moved on.


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