How do I break up with my girlfriend of 2 years?

I am burned down after all of these argues we had but still I was saying to my self that it's going to be all right but after the last one I don't think anything , I'm not happy anymore I don't feel that chemistry but she does. I'm still connected to her... We talked about things , it got better but still... It's just hard to do it , and to watch her cry.


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  • Its hard, but can you really be in denial forever about the state of your relationship? I think you need to do it for the sake of both you and her.

    • I forgot to add that we live together in a apartment... I know it's better to do it for sale of both of us but it's really hard... I can't watch her sad and crying...

    • Yeah, that certainly make a it more difficult.

    • I know it will be hard, probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. I would have an extensive conversation about how you feel about her and that you feel that is best for both of you to end the relationship. At the same time, tell her you still feel connected to her and want to be friends (that way, she still feels like she has your support). It will make her said and she will probably cry, but she will get better. I know what it is like to have a long-term relationship end; it sucks, but in the end, its for the best if there is not that chemistry anymore. Sometimes if we truly love someone, the best thing we can do is set them free.

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  • is you're girlfriend two years old


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