Complicated Pasts can ruin your relationship fast?

I've been seeing this man for 6months now, we have both been married before my last relationship being 3years ago his being about a year from where we are now. He raised his ex's two children, even though they aren't his (officially) and despite they still see their 'real' dad. I have had a few encounters with the ex and all of which I have been or tried to have been nice but she has been rude and disrespectful to the both of us. My man still wants to keep the piece because he loves the kids however I don't feel right about him going over there and everytime he brings up that he was talking to her I am ok 99% of the time but that one percent i turn into one of those seemingly jealous girlfriends and appear unsupportive. I guess my only fear is that he doesn't have loyalty to me, somehow because she hold the connection to the kids that I will always come off second best. Am I just being a fool or is he just playing at something that he shouldn't be? Any feedback would be appreciated.


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  • It is complicated. Since he and his step kids have a relationship there's always going to be interactions with his ex until the kids are 18. As long as these interactions are regarding the kids only I don't see a problem and it's something you're going to have to decide if you can handle it or not because it won't change


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