No contact phase - REALLY tough time.

Well I've made it 3 weeks into the no contact phase. My ex dumped me about 2 months ago. I had limited contact. Only a text to wish her happy b day in late June. I sent her a funny email. She didn't contact me at all on my b day which is in mid July. I was really bummed about that. But hey, I can't expect her to do that.

She's with another guy right now. I'm in situation where I can't drink/socialize/date at all cause I got a athletic competition coming up. I'm also short temped cause I'm under a lot of stress. So in other words for the last 2 months since I've been dumped its been VERY HARD for me to talk to other girls given my situation.

I'm thinking that I'm never going to talk to this girl again. However its very hard. There is a part of me that misses her support on friend level. Another part of me wants to tear her apart for what she put me through.

Do I handle this heartbreak by keeping on doing what I'm doing? Also my preoccupation with her mentally is not something I want on my mind for my competition. I look at her FB pics EVERY day...several times a day. I'm about to compete in MMA and I need to stay focused. However I've had absolutely nobody to talk to about this. I don't want to show weakness.

Part of me wants to talk to her so bad. But another part of me (logical part) says NO and stay away cause she doesn't respect me.

When she dumped me she told me she wanted to me to still call her. I was like NO! to the "chump friend category". But the support part I miss a lot. I got nobody I can talk to about in regards to the pressure I'm under right now.

normally I could handle this better. However she deployed her attack at time where: I am under extreme physical stress (from training), I'm having financial problems and I have nobody to talk to about this. I just got rid of the fb deal.


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  • You need to remove her from your Facebook friends list. Period. If she gets offended you tell her you need to not have access to her photos for awhile. no matter how creepy that sounds, honestly tell her your at a phase where you can't handle it.

    I say this all the time, but I'm gonna say it with double force since you do MMA. Your a fighter. Your a Man. Chin up, Move forward. Someday this will be so far away, and you will be so happy with a better girl.

    You got burnt. Recovery takes awhile - but your almost over the hill.

    • Well its actually chin down and hands Things are getting better bro. I completely got her off the fb deal.

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  • don't get into facebook! big no no! you could delete her...or desactivate your account for a while.. enjoy life and the happy moments about it. YOU ARE NOT GONNA MARRY HER. So just move on...try not to think about it. try a new hobby or something

    • I finally found away to keep myself away from the fb deal. I changed the pw to something I will never remember.

      Remember this is like fighting a physical addiction. You know it's bad...but a illogical part of you won't quit the craving.

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  • delete her on fb to forgo the the temptation, and if I were you I wouldn't talk to her ever again either, if she already with another guy then it really shows how she felt about the relationship

    • Yep you're 100% right. I didn't get into the details but her disrespect actually gets worse. I know what's right, but this has been REALLY tough. So tough. I haven't told anybody physically about this internal struggle I'm having.

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    • I just don't know who to trust. That's why I'm spending so much time on this site. I need a completely anonymous person to ventilate this to.

    • If you need to talk about it fursther add me as a friend on here and we can talk on the instant message thing

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