How can I get my boyfriend back?

Me and my boyfriend just broke up 3 days ago. I lose my virginity to him and I fell in love with him. he was my everything and he always made me happy, some nights he would call me and sing to me. I really miss him and want him back! I love him so much. He broke up with me cause he said he had nothing to give me and he couldn't date anyone right now cause he doesn't have a heart and isn't over his ex girlfriend that he dated for a year. He wants me to move on to some other guy to make me happy, but he made me so happy. I really want him back, I'm not happy without him. How do I get him back?!


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  • Sounds like you might have been the rebound girl he hoped would help him get over his ex, but it didn't work. He has feelings for another girl! Why would you want to be with him anyways? He cares about someone else more than he cares about you or he wouldn't have broke up with you over it. I don't think it would be a good idea to try to win him back! I know this must be a sh*tty situation for you, but trying to get him back will probably just cause more problems. I would leave it alone if I were you. Sorry that guys are jerks!


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  • I know how it feels when your in love with a guy that doesn't love you back. Its hard to move on but honestly its the best thing for you to do, But if he still has feelings for his ex then he won't take you back. Belive me I've tried. But with time it won't hurt you'll always love him bur eventually it won't hurt so much.

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