Its not going good between me and my girlfriend. I want to break up but am afraid to hurt her?

i hate hurting people and need advice on what to do and how to tell her that i dont see a future in our relation.


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  • If you're not happy, and you've tried working things out the best you both can, than there's no other way unfortunately.
    Hurting people is hard, but it's even harder letting yourself be unhappy just for someone else's sake.

    I would have a discussion with her, and bring up the problems one last time. Explain how you're feeling and where you stand in the relationship. Express your wants, needs and the reasons why you feel unhappy together, then go from there. She may feel the same way too. Maybe she's in the same boat as you are, and doesn't know how to bring the topic of a breakup up.
    But, just because you break up doesn't mean you both will never be happy again. Yes, it will take some time to get over each other but you both deserve to be happy and that is the main thing.

    You have to be happy yourself, and in your life. Being in a toxic relationship that isn't working out makes both parties unhappy. Please think about yourself and put yourself first. You are most important and if you aren't enjoying things with her anymore, and you want her out of your life, then make it happen. Do not settle, trust me. it only gets harder putting up with the longer it lasts, and the harder it gets to get out of it.

    You can do it. Be honest, and let your opinions be heard. I wish you the best.

    • you have a great explanation. the thing is i find it hard to bring the topic up. she wants to stay with me

    • If she wants to stay with you, than she must be completely oblivious to how you're feeling. Sometimes that does happen, but she's putting herself and her happiness in first place, instead of taking time to notice yours.
      Discussing things is your best bet. And if by chance she doesn't want to talk things over with you, or doesn't want to hear what you have to say, then do the right thing and leave her.
      You can do better, and you deserve someone who treats you properly. You don't deserve to be taken advantage of emotionally, and having this stress of an unsettling relationship gets so hard to deal with.
      Be proactive. Take time to set aside and clear your mind, put everything you need to say out in the open even if it's difficult. Make a list of points and address those things as you're talking with her. Giving her the benefit of the doubt she may not realize you're feeling this way, and maybe she's willing to improve things. If not, then move onward. It has to be done for your own sake

    • thanks a lot for your advice, I do appreciate it a lot. The problem on my side is that all my friends like her a lot but they dont know insides. so i feel weird to share it with my friends even. but thanks xx

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  • You will hurt her more in the long run if you stay with her and pretend to be happy when you're not. You can end things now and hopefully respect each other or set yourself up for a disastrous breakup in the future.


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