What would typically go through a guys mind when he sees his ex at same events regularly after they broke up?

Little information - girl broke up with him, but his inactions of doing what he was supposed to in the relationship made her need to. Both still loved eachother though and the breakup hurt bad.

He immediately turned angry, cold and swiped her off all social media and acted like what they had never existed. Girl was left so confused on how fast he switched and became almost like numb and fully insensitive... when the whole relationship he was super sensitive and showed her how much he loved her.
He won't admit if he still loves her and leaves the room if she walks in the sane room. She is fully confused on how his character has become unrecognizable. Someone please shed some light why he acted this way and what may go through his mind when he sees her weekly at the same event they go to but don't talk..


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  • I think because he don't want to admit he still loves you

    • Would he ever admit it down the road he still does or force himself to hide it forever till someone new comes along.

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    • well, I don't know him and everyone don't react the same way to shame. But it's possible

    • Like it would make him recognize he did something he is not proud of, he might keep distant to avoid that. Or he might go to her and makes ecxuses. to that point it depends on who he is

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