Ignore and forget her?

Back in 2015 I started to date a coworker, and we were really into eachother.

We dated for a while, but she was a big party girl and still lived with her ex boyfriend. I broke it up mainly because I was still in love with my ex.

We both wound up dating our ex's again.

We both got out of 2.5years (her) and 4 year (me) relationships in December. We've had this back and forth conversation about how much we liked eachother but we stayed loyal to the people we were with.
She told me at the beginning of the year she still liked me, and we spent Valentine's Day together.
I had started cycling through jobs in between back surgery, and she started a full time job. She very rarely texted me, then since she lived in another state, she started to talk about another guy she wanted to have ask her out. I got upset, and after a while of this, I didn't text her and unfriended her.
A month or so later I requested her and she immediately added me back. She did say she was upset about me cutting her off and accused me of playing games. Once I explained my point of view, she said she understood.

She barely talked to me after because she didn't think she was going to move back to where I lived.

I deleted my social media to escape my an ex's family. I gave the girl my number before I deleted it, and told her to text me if she changed her mind and or wanted to talk.
She texted me a month later, but only texted me every few days, now not at all.
I deleted her number after she didn't respond to me just talking about her day.

I know she'll text me again when she's bored. Would it just be best to just ignore and forget?


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  • it's best to let it go. If she only text you when she's bored, then what's the point in even trying anymore? She just doesn't really care anymore. That's what I got from this.


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  • Does sound like it's cat and mouse. Your better off doing your thing and leaving it at that as you've given it plenty of chances


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