She cheated and left.. yet no pain?

so, we were together over 3 years, have a daughter together.. im not numb.. it just doesn't bother me.. the only issue i have is making sure she's okay. does that make me a bad person?


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  • She is the mother of your child, in a way you want to respect her. She did wrong, she should be making sure that you and your daughter are okay. Otherwise forget her.

    • if its not me, its not getting done.. that was the root of our problems.

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    • That's true but I'd definitely prefer it to be easier lol

    • hah, i love a challenge. GPS eta, thats a challenge.

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  • Not a bad person, there's really not much you can do now. She was a cunt, ok, but what are you gonna do, cry and get angry about something she did? It's pointless to put your health at risk for someone who doesn't care about you and your family.
    I feel sorry for the poor daughter, she's gonna be the main victim of this.

    • on some level, i think i knew that, subconsciously keeping me civil and respectful. and yeah, but on the positive, there's no fighting like a lot of other people may do.

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  • "the only issue i have is making sure she's okay."
    Have some self respect for yourself and stop making sure she's 'okay'. Fuck that bitch.

  • Super power of feeling nothing after all that. Good for you. It ain't bad, if you don't feel bad but still care for her.

    • i do, on a certain level. i pay the bills and take care of any and everything that goes sideways, knowing i have to take care of my daughter. in all honesty, it didn't even hurt when i picked her phone up to see a.. vulgar message.

    • She is not part of your life anymore, but your daughter needs her as much as you need your daughter. You understand this fact, and know that you have responsibility towards your daughter. Raise your daughter better and just stop thinking about all this.

    • i think ill take that advice..

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