How do you decide it's over?

There comes a time in any relationship when one person or both want to end it. Usually after some time passes (or maybe right away) one wants to give the relationship a second chance. The question is, how do you decide if it's really worth it to try to get your ex back?


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  • i have that same question. I know this might sound silly but make a list of the good and bad things that you like and dislike about him if there is more dislikes let it go there are other men out there that would treat you like a queen. good luck sweetie !

  • If after moving on with your life for at least a month, which involves diving deeply into your work, hobbies, and friendships, you still long for your ex. I think then it is time to consider reconnecting.

    • Good point. I guess you have to go with your gut feeling! Thanks!

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