How to get your ex back?

I would like t know how to get your ex back that still like you but is in love with a stupid mean young whore who lives in a different city and has him wrapped around her finger.

My es trevor who I dated for a week a few months ago dumped me for this girl names tas on prom night. we a still went and he held my hands and everything and from then on he told me how much he missed me and everything. he cheated on her twice and she cheated on him about 13 times then dumped him. then he got back with me 2 weeks ago then she got mad and posted all this drama on my facebook and he dumped me again. she is super evil trust me there are countless other thing way worse then that that she has done. I would like to know how to get him back cause he still likes me. and I would like to know your opinion about this whole thing asl well.


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  • He likes her because of sex. That's all it boils down to.

    Him choosing to live his life based on what she says instead of what he wants just shows his immaturity and what kind of guy he is. Do you want a relationship with someone so easily manipulated?

    If I were you I'd look for a guy with a backbone.

    • Well they have never had sex due to the distence. they have only seen each other 2 times in 4 years.

    • Then what she gives him via text/phone/internet/etc is the equivalent of sex.

    • No she oesnt trust me he doesn't have texting or anythign to get pictures. I have passwords to everythign he has. and she has never sent him anythihng cause to her he is just a backup. so if the guys there dis her she has him to tlak to she's evil! she's the problem with me and him

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  • Too much drama. If the girl is what you say she is, it won't last long with him. And if it does last, then that's not the guy you want. As for yourself, I wouldn't post names here and suggest you not be the cause of drama or get caught up in drama.


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  • Let him keep the stupid mean whore.

    • But I want him

    • Yeah, but he clearly thinks he deserves a stupid mean whore. So go look for someone better.

    • And plus I faught waaay to long and hard to let him go that fast

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