Should I end things with this girl?

I met this girl and she's actually really great. We're long distance though. I told the girl that I'm good at getting women to sleep with me but not much past that. I told her that I'm a little crazy and I was giving her a fair warning to what she is getting herself into if she keeps digging and wanting to get closer. I'm a military veteran and she knows that veterans like me are sort of brainwashed into not having or showing feelings. I told her that I've hurt a lot of women and she probably wouldn't be talking to me if she knew my past. I don't like hurting people and this is why I stay single. I just feel like she's going to be disappointed to find out I can't really offer her that emotional side of me. I also don't want to leave her heartbroken because she seems to really like me. I really like her too. She told me that you can break my heart, do whatever you wish with me. She said she still likes talking to me and will continue to talk to me. I'm not in a position to actually date someone.


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  • do whatever you're comfortable with, but at one point you may or may not be alone (it seems like you'd prefer that). it isn't the most healthy option... you should think about your feelings first though.

    • Just feel like she's young and deserves better.

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