Girls been cheating on her boyfriend with me?

I've been dating this girl for the past 6 weeks. We finally made out and had sex a couple of weeks ago, and have had sex a few times since then. I really don't care if she has a boyfriend, but I do respect her wishes to keep our relationship a secret from him on various sites like facebook and myspace. I've met the boyfriend, and I really don't care for him, so it makes me happy that she's doing this with me.

I mean, I guess in a traditional sense, this would make both of us to be jerks? Should I keep this going or just find another girl that is single?

BTW, We aren't using each other for our bodies. We have a good friendship and care about each other a lot, but we also find each other physically irresistible.


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  • Find another girl if this girl is doing this with you what make you think that if she breaks up wiht her boyfriend and goes with you that she won't do this with another guy? She could find another guy that she finds "physically irrestiable"

    • Good point. She is a girl that is so physically attractive, that I know she can score any guy she wants, figuratively speaking. I don't really wanna be in a relationship with her just yet, I've only known her since the beginning of June.

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    • It's confusing for me too.

    • Well I wish you the best of luck and I hope everything goes GREAT! :D

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  • find a single girl you run the risk of getting your kicked in

    • The risk is relatively small. The dude's a pussy. He's 28 years old, never had a car or license, has major physical problems where he's dependent on the government, has asthma.

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    • Cut the macho bullsh*t dude, you're on the f***ing internet.

    • Huh. I am macho.

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