Has an ex ever apologized to you for their behavior and how did this impact your relationship?

It has just happened to me that an ex apologized for how he behaved towards me two years ago. How bad his life circumstances were and so on.
I'm wondering if such apologies are benefitial for both parties or rather for the one apologizing? Will everything between the two stay the same or may there be changes?

Any thoughts or experiences regarding the question? I really would appreciate each and every answer.


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  • I have been there... look once you break up you need to remind yourself u have done it for a reason... That reason that would stop you from getting back with your ex.. that reason is what would stop you from being friends with your ex... same reason should make his/her apology totally useless... Like no hard feelings between us but we shouldn't be even talking to each other... I had an ex chasing after me for 2 years I blocked 4 accounts for her and she kept them coming and all what she wanted to say was "I'm sorry I behaved in such a way" I told her to spare it coz I'm not upset with her but we are not friends and we couldn't be friends and there shouldn't be any talking between us... And I asked her for this to be last time to speak with each other and that was it... I'm really sorry if sounds crule but this is the truth.. Saying I'm sorry after a break up is like telling you "I have made the wrong choice and I know it ". Well good for you LoL


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