Personality disorder?

am I crazy or is he? I feel like I have to watch what I say. can he have borderline personality disorder? has anyone ever had to deal with someone with this? How did you manage them? are you still with that person? Just need some answers.


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  • my ex wife had lots of problems, she was diagnosed with that, her problem she wouldn't sticj with meds and therapy, i had enough after 5 years and i left.


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  • my guy friend is like that depending on what you say he could flip out, but that's mainly only with me. I tend to just say things as a joke and he's fine and if I know something will annoy him I don't say it


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  • yes I have dealt with them

    • how did you deal? are you still with that person?

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    • even more stressful that I put up with his bs for a while and my parents didn't want me having a boyfriend in the first place and I was being rebellious but now we're good because I don't talk to him anymore and me and my parents are good.💯❤

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