How did I overcome this hurt and betrayal?

I'm having a hard time at the moment at dealing with this situation.

i met this women who we shared nearly everything in common a couple months ago. :((( the sad thing I met her in the middle of her lowest days. When I say lowest I mean:

- she lost her job / she fell 3 car payments behind
- she had no money for gas/ food/ kids
- she had no family at all to turn to

so things got rough I stepped in. She was my girl so I felt like if God put me in your life in time like this it was for a reason. I began to help her. Give her gas money to help her get to job interviews, gave her money for food to feed her and the kids. She even fell behind on rent and the landlord was about to evict her so I stepped in and provided that so her and the kids didn't suffer.

So so I stepped in for the two months, then out of no where the man she's been having a On and off again affair with for the past 10 years contacts her then her feelings change. He came right into the picture when her life was starting to brighten up. When I say brighten up I mean she just accepted a job making double then her last one, got accepted into school.

So so one day I come home from work her clothes gone, cats gone, she up and left. I message her only family member she keeps in contact with and she tells me "the dude offered her a place to stay in Another state" this is 9 hours away. I'm sitting on the bed hurt.

I message her her to see what was up she ignored me :(

i got on on social media to see if she was active she already blocked me on everything :(

she just didn't up and leave me behind, she left her kids with their grandma smfh.

its been a week and I don't know the betrayal I feel it hurt. I've have my moments but all I can think of is why is people so damn heartless.

You would of been homeless less if I walked away. You would of starved if I didn't offer. You could of walked if I did believe in you about these jobs.

all I got at the end was betrayed.
How did I overcome this hurt and betrayal?
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