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It's been almost a year... This guy who kept on flirting with me and acting like he wants something more than just friends, has now a girlfriend and I don't know I am so happy for him at the same time heartbroken... He told me happy birthday yesterday and he was so sweet, we are close friends, he asked me if i have someone after i commented on how cute the picture of him and his girlfriend is... and i don't know.. he told me they were together now for 4 months, and i am happy at the same time heartbroken.. has anyone ever felt like this? I want to be friends but still I am sad because nothing happened between us, nothing but flirting, but I felt like I was jn love with him... now I am feeling fine, it'a confusing, I don't know... I am angry at him sometimes because I feel like i was played by him... i don't know... i don't think i love him anymore... so what do you think this is?


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  • it's complicated ! you are happy for him as a friend but there is a part of you that want's him. I am not saying it's love but all I am saying is you had a place for him in your heart as a special friend. now he is gone and there is a void. when people leave be it parents brother's or anybody there is always a feeling of emptiness.


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