What does he want?

We broke up so long ago, but when I asked why he still contacts me regularly he tried to avoid the question, so I blocked him. Eventually he said he just thinks about me sometimes & is he still blocked. He's been trying to find out if I'm single, joking around about me having a boyfriend and telling me about his new place. I said "I don't know why you still think about me when you didn't want to stay with me. (He was selfish & scared of commitment. Liked his own space). A week later (today) he sent me a message that I didn't have to unblock him, with a cheeky face next to it. What does he want?


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  • he regets letting you go i think

    • Thanks. It's been over a year though, so I thought if he regretted it, he'd have actually done something about it by now. That's why I'm confused what he wants.

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