Watching your ex's Snapchat story?

Have any of you watch your ex's Snapchat stories stalk their Instagram or any social media. If so why? Are you still into your ex if you stalk their social media?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think its quite normal to be curious about what your ex gets up to without you in their life... I know that girls can go to quite large extremities on the whole social media stalking thing, but as a guy i've done a bit myself. I don't think you have to be into your ex to stalk their social media, but the fact that you take that much interest into a person who doesn't have to be a part of your life anymore indicates that you might still feel a certain way about them, whether that be love or hate. At the end of the day if you still care about an ex, then there's usually no one else that knows better than yourself.

    • It's actually my ex who is watching my snap stories but he broke up with me..

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    • Playful but the reason we broke up was because he was too busy to make time for me.. so he broke up with me

What Girls Said 2

  • you know that he can see if you have checked his snapchat story

    • That's not the question I was asking if you have ever done it

    • just saying, it can be helpful info
      ofc I have done it, I don't know why but I somehow end up on his profile

  • I think that it's natural to be curious but don't think it necissarily means you are into them. I would actually find it harder to stalk their social media because of dragging up too many feelings etc so that by itself is not a good indicator. You really need to ask yourself why you are interested. Deep down you will already know if you are into him - just be honest with yourself and your feelings. If there aren't feelings there when you are trawling through his life then you will know your answer.


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