How do I tell him to go after the other girl?

So I liked this guy and he likes me back. We talked a lot and joked a lot and everyone says we'd be a cute couple. One day I've seen him and we "planed" on cuddling. He put his arm around me when we were laying down and I just felt all of his nervous energy roll into me and I hated it. I told him I'm uncomfortable and change positions. Then when we went outside he was rlly shy so I grabbed his hand and put it over my shoulder and I said that's how you do it. Then his arm fell of my shoulder and I got up and went to play with the others. (It was like a squad meet up) I felt bad for doing that but all that nervous energy made me want to jump. After we went to one of my friends house and started watching a movie, everyone told him to go lie down beside me. He did but I wasn't in a good mood because something happened AKA family problems. I lay down on my side and tried to fall asleep and after a while he put his arm around me. Again I couldn't take the energy so I told him to get off. I didn't mean to sound rude, I tried to say it quietly so no one else hears. I don't think I like him anymore. How do I tell him that? This would be the second time I brake his heart. There's another girl that likes him and he kinda likes her. How do I tell him to go after her without braking his heart?


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  • Just say, 'I think you're a great guy but we're not a good match.' Tell him the other girl likes him. That's it.


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