I don't know reason of my own breakup. Please help?

So yesterday, I came home my girlfriend called me nd she was all happy nd funny we started talking.. We started getting intimate nd exchanged some pics.
15mins later. She said me to delete all of her pictures from my phone. I asked the reason, she won't tell.
I did. But I was pretty angry so I talked her rudely nd said that our relationship is volatile like your mood.
I said just tell me the reason at least. But she didn't.
Later she said if I can't respect it then I should leave her I got more angry nd I said I won't, do it yourself. Start by blocking on WhatsApp like you did before. And she really did. Whatsapp snapchat all,
I sent her SMS, Called. But she won't reply.


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  • If you do not the answer, we as sure hell do not know the answer.

    Sorry this happened to you. Hope you find out why.

    • I myself can't figure it, I asked to know what do you think? Guess it

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    • You will need to ask her once she is talking to you again. And I think she will talk to you again. I can't imagine just three years of friendship poofing away over something that you have no idea of. How can something be that bad and someone have no idea it even occurred?

      I am with the others in wondering if she has ever showed any signs of being unstable or mental issues in the past. I mean, who acts like this? Sane people do not, that is for sure. lol!

      I hope you get an answer. I feel for you.

    • Thankyou so much for your support, help nd opinion, I'm really grateful. I hope she talks again..

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  • Don't know but if she is that bipolar like that who would want to deal with that anyway.

    • She had been my friend for almost 3 years nd my girlfriend from some months. You can't let it end so easily..

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  • Well she is unstable and immature. Maybe she is unhappy with something in her life and taking it out on the relationship. Who knows

  • Well.. does she always behave like that? Like get mad and block you thing like that? Did it happen before?

  • Hahaha Wrong Move Bruh Lmao

  • Is she usually a unstable person who acts impulsively? If that's the case maybe she'll come around.
    If she's usually a stable, grounded person then this is very confusing indeed and I have no idea why things turned out the way they did.

    • She has been in depression after her last breakup nd been unstable but I was working on it nd almost got her out of it..

    • It sounds like she is very sensitive. It looks like she doesn't like it when you get angry and talk rudely to her. That could be the real problem

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