Is it normal to miss your ex sexual but not emotionally?

whenever my Ex pops in my mind I start to miss having sex with them, but then think how I wouldn't want to be with them again. it's confusing


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  • It is normal. With time, this will go away or at least decrease in frequency.

    Why do you find it confusing? Does it make you think you want to get back with him? I would think still recognizing that you do not want to be with him would make it clear that you do not want to be with him so I am not sure why it would be confusing? Unless it is confusing that sexually your body still wants him?

    It is normal for body and mind and heart not to be on the same page. I would not worry too much about this. :)

    Just remember to always go with your mind and you will be good. :p

    • Lol thank you. I'll remember that whenever she pops in my mind

    • *snort I am not sure why I thought you were a female when I wrote my response. But the response still applies... luckily. :p

      Good luck. :)

  • it's very much normal, you're totally fine.


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