Can I get him back?

My ex and I broke up officially a couple weeks ago after a 6.5 year relationship. I initiated a break for a medley of reasons including wanting to soul-search (cliche, I know, but we started dating when I was 14), feeling like I wasn't getting enough out of the relationship, and feeling the need to be single for a bit. He was very insistent on staying together and started talking about our future and finding ways to make it work. After the break we both decided we should end things, with his reason being that he wasn't sure what he wanted anymore. It wasn't messy at all, very sad but we handled it maturely. It's been about three weeks since the official break with little to no contact. I've seen him at the club every weekend since. The first two weekends he basically ignored me though his friends were nice and chatted with me for a bit. Lately though I've been feeling like I want to try work things out as the grass isn't as greener on the other side as I had thought. I find myself missing him throughout the day and wishing we could talk and hang out like we used to. I texted him yesterday with the intention of bringing up my feelings but decided to hold back for fear of rushing into things and scaring him off. I saw him at the club that same night and he actually stuck around and talked with me this time (the first face to face convo we've had since the break) though he was a little closed off. I ended up going home with him and spending the night. It still feels a little weird as I think we both don't know how to act and are still dealing with the break up. He said he still can't believe that it's over and is willing to talk and see me before I leave home in a couple months. I want to tell him how I feel but don't want to come on too strong. We both still love each other I'm sure but I'm afraid I've done too much damage to gain his trust back and turn things around so soon after the break. Suggestions?


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  • If you are really sure you love him, tell him. Life is too short for regrets and what ifs. Make yourself happy, even if it's for that moment and only at that time that you were happy.


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