Please Help! Should I be friends with my ex?

Long story short me and my ex just had a long 2 hour talk. We broke up a little more than a month ago and I badly want to just move on but it's like I'm holding myself back because I guess I think maybe we could still get back together. I think I still love her. She told me she still cares about me and wants to be friends. I think that's great but I care for her iin a different way I think. I really wanna stop caring about her but I just can't. It makes it so much harder. I wanna be friends because I know that's what I should have with her but there's another part of me that just wants to be more. She broke up with me because she got scared of commitment. What should I do be friends with her or just step back from her? Maybe I should just tell her how I feel? I kinda told her a lesser version of this earlier. OK here are my 6 reasonings. 1. If I'm friends with her then maybe in the future something could happen again. 2. If I'm friends with her and nothing happens in the future I will feel worse. 3. Maybe being friends with her will help me move on. 4. If I'm not friends with her it gives me a less of a chance to get back with her eventually. 5. If I'm not friends with her and she gets with someone else long term then I might blame myself for not trying hard enough 6. If I'm not friends with her it might make me feel worse because I have special feelings for her and I see her daily. I would have to keep my distance. So what do y'all think? Also should I text her back tomorrow telling her what I've decided or want longer? I said I had to think about being friends and she said that was ok etc and seeyah Monday. I often want to find excuses to text her because it makes me feel better... I know I'm pretty messed up over this girl that's why I wish I just didn't care so I wouldn't mind being friends and it wouldn't be hard without her. Again though any input would be appreciated.


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  • No. There's no point


What Guys Said 2

  • I think everyone should be friends with everyone. :) (being difficult doesn't make it untrue)

    • I agree but it's different when you know you might love the person and they don't love you back...

    • That wouldn't be everyone trying, just you. But ya, strong emphasis on "should"...

  • she is trying to put you in the friend zone for a possible rebound fling later on.

    • if we were to get back together though it wouldn't be a fling. She's just that type of girl.

    • all rebound relationships are flings. they just don't seem that way at the time

    • Most probably. This girl is different because she's not a fling type girl. I can't describe it

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