Common reasons why relationships breakup?


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  • Incompatibility, different goals in life, too much fighting and jealousy. You can love a person but not want to be with them. Life goes on, too many fish in the sea.

    • I've never been in a relationship any advice from a girl?

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    • Wait are you a guy or a girl? Lol and are you done with college? Well te best way to meet people is by mutual friends, coffee shops, events, concerts. I met the guy I'm talking to at a Starbucks.. so everything is possible. Just be open and approachable.

    • I'm a guy and 24 but I didn't finish college due to illness when I was 21, and now I'm getting healthier but I don't know how to meet people really anymore it's tough... I don't see too many of my friends and they don't go out much either nor they have other friends.

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  • Lack of trust.
    Not willing to commit.
    Losing interest.
    Sex isn't good (Eros lovers).
    Being disloyal, etc.

    • I never had a relationship so I don't understand them totally, why would problems occur if you like someone so much?

    • Wondering the same. 😊

  • misunderstanding

    • What are typical things that cause misunderstandings?

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    • I haven't seen you and I don't know you as a person

    • It's true lol I don't know I just get really shy around people so I don't know id love to take a girl out on a date I've never had a chance

  • lack of communication , distance


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