My ex ruined my life after saying im not a man?

me [23] male , ex [22] female , dated for 6 month

Hello everyone i don't even know where to start... so there was a girl which is my ex she was trying to get close to me at first telling me all her secrets and she was in a very deep depression , she had no confidence, misreable life and it was me who is handling all her negativity and shit

She almost begged me to get in a relationship with her and i don't why i just did it , things changed after 6 month of our relationship she had a new girlfriend which is a bad girl and they started to be best friends suddenly my ex started to treat me like shit, avoiding me , not answering my texts blah blah blah , then one day out of the blue she dumped me for no reason

im a good looking guy that was really confident , happy , positive , turned into weak , needy and a clingy guy i begged her many times to give me another chance acted needy she started treating me like shit and i accepted it ( i dont know how i lost my mind ) then one day she told me the reason we are never getting back together because im weak and i will never be able to protect her and ended up saying im not a man just a b**** ( she lost respect to me for accepting the way she treated me and for begging )

im really ashamed of myself and i can't get through the pain of how weak i was and the words she said are always in my head actually my life is ruined for 4 months and still im not getting any better and she is making me as ajoke around everyone in college telling people she dumped me for being a child and making fun of how i treated her nicely when she was treating me like dirt my confidence is down i can't feel happiness anymore

i treated her and she poisoned me i swear i loved her , treated her like princess, was always there for her , never mistreated her once , and this is what i get , please i need advice we broke up 6 month ago and my life is getting worse and worse

my ex completely ruined me mentally and im feeling im just a loser and i hate mylife
My ex ruined my life after saying im not a man?
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