Feel like I've driven my ex away from me altogether?

So we agreed to stay friends after our breakup, but we still spoke all the time and it was going fine. But soon he says we speak too often and as exes it's unhealthy. So I spoke to him less, but as petty as it is we kept our Snapchat streak going. Until a couple days ago he told me to stop snapping him in relation to our streak so that's what I'm doing. But I feel like we're just talking less and less and because even though i wasn't only contacting him with those snap-streak-related pictures it bothered him. I really want us to be friends but I feel like I've messed everything up. I guess when we broke up instead of continuing to talk often we should have given each other space first. Ugh I hate how it's all gone. It went from sweet to meh to cold.


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  • I think u have to be selfish a little bit more and love ur self as much as u can stay away from him untill u find ur self better than check if u still want him as a friend or u r better now :)

  • You should just move on and quit bothering him.


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