It's been 2 weeks and i'm still in love with him?

"I don't ever remember saying I loved you". after nearly 9 months of talking to the same boy, and almost being in a relationship with him, he changed his mind and said he only wanted to be fckbuddies, and when i said no and expressed my feelings for him saying i loved him and i thought he loved me, he said "i don't ever remember saying i loved you." breaking my heart. i'm in love with him, and he still crosses my mind every day and i wish i could get over him. tbh i just want a rebound or someone to make new memories with, not a relationship or to talk to someone, just someone new. i need to get over him.


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  • Honestly, I don't think you love him, perhaps you loved him in the past, but as of writing this question, you no longer love him. If you loved him, you wouldn't want a rebound, or someone new, you'd still want him. I've been there, when someone you love breaks up with you, even if the hottest guy wants to date you, he somehow seems to pale in comparison. You don't want anyone else, "just someone new", you want him, with all his imperfections.

    On the bright side, that does mean your process of getting over him likely won't be too bad. Honestly, it takes time. Cry if you need to, have some space, stay busy, keep your mind off of him, and one day you'll realize that it doesn't hurt to think of him anymore and you are ambivalent towards him.


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  • read a book :)

    • i have been, but all i can think about is him

    • when I was teenager I was in love with a girl in my school she looked like an angel I loved her for more than 5 years , it was so romantic relation I 2as waiting her next to bedroom window and grab for her some candies... talking and laughing , listen to romantic music and dance , but once a day I changed , she changed both of us grows up and saw that we are not like each other and there's much things that makes us good friends but the worst couple so we broke up... we are still best friends... the idea is u will find ur man only in the perfect time , don't worry :)

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  • Ouch. Thats what teenage love is made up. You meet a guy, he breaks your heart , you cry and then the process repeats until hopefully you meet "The one". All I can say is dont be sad, or angry but learn from these mistakes and use them as stepping stones for the next relationship. I know you are hurting now and it seems like the end of the world but it will pass. Try to focus on you now , binge watch your favorite shows, go out with friends and try to forget him.


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