My best friends Ex?

My best friend has this ex that keeps going back to her. So I started texting him and my bestie knew so she was like "Talk about me!". So I did and they started texting and kinda calling each other babe. Later on me and her ex got into a fight and he stopped texting both of us, but we still texted him. A couple days ago, I texted him and he was talking about how much he likes ME. And that if I were his everything would be perfect. What got me confused is that is still texted my best friend and called her babe and everything. I told him, he needs to tell my bestie if he doesn't like her because he's leading her on. I don't know what to do, because last night I texted him again and he was acting all different. The convo was really dry. Should I tell my best friend or should he do it? When should I tell her. Someone help me!!!


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  • Don't date your best friends ex even if he does tell her am he doesn't like her that's a big nono your gonna lose your bestfriend if you do that

    • I don't want to date him. I don't want her to get played by him because he still texts her like their dating. I want to tell him but I'm scared she'll get all jealous because something like this happened before.

    • Then tell her about it your her bestfriend she should know everything show her the texts

    • Alright, will do thank you

  • our. ex sorry bro. You know I did you a favor

  • You're 13.

    • The dates weren't changing when I made the account :/

    • In that case.
      That dude is just playing with you and that friend of yours. I don't think he gives a crap about either of you. Its just a game for him.

    • Alright thank you, Ill tell my friend

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