Getting over the wrong one I was in love with 😭?

Just need to vent and get advice. I was with a guy on and off since August, so almost a year and he recently decided he isn't ready for a committed relationship. He still wants to sleep with me, of course, but doesn't want to be official. His last chick cheated on him the whole relationship and then bailed with their son. He is in a custody battle and having a hard time.
I have been really great to him. I am separated and have 3 kids and yet I have always been there to help him and listen to him. He was always busy or too stressed to be there when I needed or wanted him.
I know he is just not the guy for me. But it hurts to let go!!! Why? I was falling for him and loved being with him. I hate this feeling.


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  • Sometimes we love someone who we shouldn't, who isn't good for us or who isn't the one for us. It happens, a lot. Even though we know he isn't good for us or isn't the one for us, logically knowing something doesn't change the emotional reaction, we still care and we still love.

    The thing is, you need to love yourself more. Remind yourself that you deserve someone who will commit to you. Prioritize yourself over him, love yourself the most, more than you love him. And slowly, day by day, your feelings for him will fade, with no contact and no communication, you'll get over him, and then be ready to find the person who's the one for you.


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  • because your emotions over power your logical brain

    its normal dont worry
    if you need to vent, spill the beans, I'm all ears
    you were probably not falling for him by maybe to the concept of having someone.
    I hope the best for you, take care

  • I am


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