Is he attention seeking?

We broke up last April. He made it clear that he was withdrawing from the relationship & he didn't even have the guts to finish it face to face at the age of 32. He was selfish & can't handle being responsible for anyone, but at the same time why has he text me every month or 2 since we broke up?

He still wanted to be affectionate with me & he hasn't been dating. He's a bit of a loner & likes his space. He tries to find out how I am & if I'm single. The other day I blocked him & he wanted me to unblock him. When I unblocked him he text me a week later "You didn't have to! :p"

I told him I know I didn't have to. It makes no difference to me anyway. Why is he talking to me?


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  • Totally is. He wants your attention and reaction

    • I think you're right. I think I'll have to block him again for good this time.

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