How to let go of someone you're in love with?

I reconnected with an ex on New Years. He claimed to have changed after two years apart, but of course old habits resurfaced. He was a cheater in the past and an alcohlic. It's been a rocky path for us, but in the last few weeks he's been sober and sweet and I've been very happy and feeling good about us, thinking maybe it wouldn't fall apart, but in ONE night he texted me simply saying he didn't know what he was doing with his life and he was going to get drunk, no matter what I said. He said emotionally abusive shit (does this drunk every time), like "I haven't drank enough to deal with you," etc. . .

I know I don't deserve this and of course its disappointing to get this treatment after a great month with him - he has serious problems and I know I can't take anymore of this pain. I'm studying abroad in two weeks for the semester and I don't want to come back the same person, someone who even interacts with an emotionally abusive alcoholic ex, but my habit is to go back to this guy cause I'm so deeply in love with him. We are meeting up tomorrow to "talk" about everything but I don't want it to be the way it usually is, where he gets me back and we go through extreme emotional highs and lows when he continues to relapse into alcohol. I want to let him go forever but I never feel emotionally ready because I AM so in love with him. How can I let someone go that I am still totally in love with?


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  • Let him go... its hurts but you have to move on.

  • go tel him


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