Why hasn't my ex moved on yet?

I broke up with him two months ago because he cheated on me. He knew I'd break up with him if I found out yet he chose to do it anyway. I ran into him this weekend and he looks absolutely terrible and has lost weight. Apparently he hasn't told anybody I broke up with him yet and he only told me he had a new girlfriend to try and make me jealous because he doesn't really have one. The night I dumped him he claimed he was done with me too and told me he was leaving town about a month ago and that I'd never have to see him again but that was all a lie. I ignored him and didn't try to start a conversation with him or anything and he kept walking in front of me and tried to pull my hair to get my attention

If he knew I'd break up with him when he cheated on me and claimed he was over me from the start, then why hasn't he moved on yet?


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  • All I can say is a real man does not cheat. Im sure he feels guilt, but only because he was caught. Wed all love to believe that a cheater is telling the truth when they say they are sorry. They might even be genuine about never cheating again, but they lost all credability when they decided to be unfaithful. I hope this helped :)

    • Thanks. I told him I need to be with a real man and not a fuckboy player when I broke up with him lol

      He still hasn't admitted he cheated or said he's sorry, so I don't understand why he's trying to get my attention again. I thought he was over me months ago and he still hasn't even told Anybody I broke up with him

      And I think he's back on drugs. He really looks awful

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    • Thanks. I really thought I was over him until I ran into him this weekend. Then I found out he was still acting like we were together and he hadn't told Anybody I broke up with him and he wasn't really dating anybody else. That means everything rude he said to me after I broke up with him was all a lie. Now I don't know what he even lied to me about and what was the truth anymore

      I know I need someone better but I'm just confused again and I don't like seeing him look so bad

    • Like I said I know its hard, but you need to do whats best for you.

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  • From what you are saying he seems to lie with one thing after another. Which is one reason why he cheated on you he feels he can get away with things by just extending the truth. No matter how much he tries to get your attention in his mind he felt during the relationship that he could get away with it and you wouldn't find out. He wanted that person and you. Unfortunately if he's cheated on you and lied about other things this cycle will only continue and you do not deserve that. He wants to still see if he can get with you but you need to make him realize that you will not get with him because he cannot be truthful. If you down the road still realize you want to be with him than you need to be friends until he can prove to you he's not the same person and if he truly likes you he will be willing to go through the test. However if it was me I would not be with a cheater and a habitual liar

    • I get that he's a liar and I know I can't be with him because I can't ever trust him again. I just don't get why he's still so hung up on me when I thought he was over me months ago

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    • Yeah everybody has a choice and some decisions have consequences... Well just be careful

    • I'm trying to get over him. I thought I was until I saw him the other day. I just need more time I guess

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  • Because he's a guy. If he cared about you regardless of what he did to you it will take him longer to get over you. Maybe he realized he fucked up and he's dealing with it his own way.

    • If he felt that way, then why wouldn't he tell me? I told him when I broke up with him that I will always love him and I never did anything to cut him off or tell him to go away. All I did when I found out he cheated was break up with him

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    • I can't take him back because he betrayed me. But I'll tell him I forgive him if I see him or he tries to contact me again. I think he's back on drugs and I almost didn't recognize him. I can't be with him, but I didn't like seeing him like that either

    • Poor guy

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