Beginning to go off guy/former player who seems really into me (read on)?

I met this guy back in February at a friend's uncle's party, and since then we've been seeing each other unofficially. I really, really liked him back then, although I held back a little because he had a bit of a reputation as a "player" which had only calmed down a couple of months before we met. As we got to know each other more, I decided to not bother thinking we would get more serious, and now the prospect of "having my fun while it lasts" has got boring. On the flip side, he seems more into me and I'm thinking he actually wants to begin a relationship with me, but I don't want to get stuck in in case I get hurt. His cousin (one of my closest friends) said that she's surprised he's stuck around for so long and that I must be doing something right, but I'm afraid that once I show my feelings are deeper, he'll run off. It feels like I have two options... Leave out of boredom or try to progress the relationship and get hurt. What can I do? I'm 21, he's 24.


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  • ooh, toughie... it's good you knew he was a player before hand, so it stopped you getting too involved. He is probably used to girls falling at his feet, and he may be interested in you because you haven't been like the others. My ex was a player before he met me. And he chased me. I wasn't interested at first, but he managed to get me in the end...funny thing is, I am the one who ended up breaking his heart.

    My advice would be to continue seeing him, but do like you have been doing and don't think of the relationship possibility for now. Try not to see him too often, and maybe see other guys. (easier said than done, if you really like him) . And if he is keen on a relationship, he will make his move when he sees you can get on without him. I hope this helps. And I totally get you with the being bored of having fun! Me too. And I met the perfect guy, thought he was it, and still do. But he is leaving the country, and was in a 4 year r/ship not long before I met him. My point being, he seemed like the one person who wouldn't hurt me, and he has hurt me more than anyone has ever hurt me. Sometimes, the ones you think will hurt you, will be the ones who don't.:P I dunno, just my thoughts! Good luck!


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  • the only way you will know he's a player is if you talk and he runs or he's skilled and has the patience to still hook up with you and eventually run

    if you already know he's a player, why stick around for the boredom or hurt?

  • It's gamble. This guy does sound into you and from what you said isn't really displaying any player like tendencies. Maybe he's growing up. It might be time to have the "where's this going?" conversation with this guy. Be careful, give it time and maybe he'll bring it up first. Realize that the risk of getting hurt is that chance you have to take if you want a relationship, and it sounds like you do. The risk is usually worth the reward.


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