I can't watch a movie because the main character looks like him?

I broke up with my boyfriend in May and am not fully over him. I'm to the point where I can't watch this movie on Netflix because he looks like my ex. is this normal? I still get butterflies thinking about him...


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  • I still refuse to read Orson Scott Card novels cause he was the favorite author of an exgf who loved his books


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  • Exposure therapy 👍🏼

    • gah I know I'm just afraid I'll cry

    • You probably will but at least it will desensitize you :)

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  • What a problem core blimey!
    My ex looks exactly like Sophie Turner but I still watch Game of Thrones.

    • You was lucky

    • yeah but she was a bitch and a pain in the ass. Otherwise I would be still shagging her.

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